Our clients describe us as the partner who gives them ’ideas they didn’t have before’ and the partner that does “all the bits in between that we would have to do”.

From the onset, we saw ourselves as much more than a fund. We were lucky enough to work with clients, who talked to us and educated us. We consistently asked better questions helping us get better answers and with these better answers, we developed a tailored client driven solution for Pharma and Biotech companies, that put them exclusively in front of people that were ready to have a serious partnering discussion, 100% of the time.

Active Investment Partners was born out of a client need, adjusted and implemented to help them to identify and engage with the right partner at the right time with an aligning strategy and the funds to get you to your exit strategy. The ultimate goal is making sure you have the funds to do what you do best. Together we drive your business forward. This is the way we achieve the best results for our clients, every time.