investing in Pharma and Biotech
Start ups & Small Caps


What we Do


Active Investment Partners are a strategic partner for Pharma and Biotech start -ups and small caps to build a bright future.

We help with partnering, in-licensing, out-licensing, fund raising, portfolio management and identifying distribution partners and networks.

Our approach is novel and unconventionally fast - there are no upfront fees and no time wasting, because we understand time is money. We work on success.

Our core focus is to accelerate your milestones by removing the gaps between them, identify and engage with the right partner at the right time with an aligning strategy and get you first to market.

How is this going to change your world?



How we Work With


Our clients work in some of the most common spaces in Pharma & biotech, whether new chemicals or generics, VCs or consultants. Whether you ‘re looking to out - licence your own dossier or in- licence new chemicals, we tailor an approach specifically for you.

The more niche the space the better value you will get.